The pink flip flops…

The pink flip flops say hi…

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The pink flip flops love to tell stories. Stories about cooking in the kitchen, hiking on vacations, strolls on beautiful evenings or plain lazying beside the couch all day.  Right now they are cozily tucked up under the coffee table beside the big glass window looking at the big blue mountains outside. And boy are they glad they are here… they love Vancouver! So I would let them snooze for now and wait for them to wake up with crazy stories to tell!


One thought on “The pink flip flops say hi…

  1. Wow! Very beautifully written. I was going to bed after a long day…and then started reading this. I couldn’t stop …until I knew how the pink flipflops felt in the end of the hike:-). Loved the story telling…Lovely pics too! Will wait for your next post. I am glad you are writing again.

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